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I have been working with clients to release and integrate trauma and offering a sacred space for them to reconnect back to their wholeness for the past couple of decades. I am a person of high integrity, who practices a client-centred, holistic, and intuitive approach. I am professional, empathic, and grounded. 

I bring a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to my clients and students, gained from a lifetime of study, research, initiating and training in the healing arts. My areas of interest are in metaphysics, psychoimmunology, Intuition, extra-sensory perception, the subconscious mind and altered states of consciousness, neuroscience, herbalism, heart math and creating coherent states, Hermetics, energy medicine, the afterlife, indigenous and ancient earth wisdom, mythology, the nature of reality and the unlimited potential of the awakened integrated human. All of which, informs my workshops and sessions. 

My ability to clearly see, hear and feel the nonphysical is utilised in every session. Knowing the key to self-empowerment is self-knowledge, I am passionate about facilitating people to know themselves at the deepest level. For it’s from this place of knowing one makes informed conscious choices in co-creating a life that is in alignment with their soul’s path.

I am trauma-informed and the wellbeing and safety of my clients is a priority. I tune in energetically to assess how the client’s nervous system is functioning and work gently and holistically for the most positive and beneficial outcome available. 

I have been very fortunate to have many amazing teachers and mentors on my journey. I am currently mentored and honoured to be teaching the work of world-renowned best-selling author and expert in the field of Medical Intuition Tina Zion. Please see my workshops for more information.

Medical Intuition is profound, it's important and essential to a healthy functioning medical system. It is a paradigm shift whose time has come. The body wants to heal, and unobstructed it knows how to heal. Currently for most people their bodies expressing symptoms is the only way the body can communicate that something is out of balance. When Medical Intuition is applied the body can communicate the root cause of the imbalance and the opportunity is that it can be addressed.

I am deeply committed to ensuring Medical Intuition takes its rightful place and is established as the preventative and healing skill that it is. Intuition is not a gift for the few, we are all wired to perceive and receive information. It is a skill that can be refined and mastered by anyone willing. We are so much more miraculous and capable than we think.

 Jade Osera
Medical Intuitive Jade Osera

Lisa, Gold Coast

“She has the ability to see ‘you’ on all levels:energetically, emotionally, spiritually & physically. This talent makes her the best ‘healer’ I’ve ever encountered and I know she’s supported me in shifting a lot of trauma, limiting beliefs & instilling self worth & belief into me."
"Jade is a beautiful soul who warmly holds a safe space during her healing sessions. She guided me through past life regressions where I uncovered the lessons I need to navigate in my present lifetime & how I could respond in a way that brings peace & harmony to myself & others."

Greg, Melbourne

"Jade was accurate and the healing we did together on my childhood trauma was life-changing. I would, and do recommend her as an outstanding intuitive and healing practitioner."

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