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Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy can be very successful for stress relief, pain relief, anxiety, treating depression, addressing low self-esteem, manifesting the life you want, spiritual expansion, resolving trauma, soul retrieval, resolving destructive behaviours and thought loops, resolving schemas, PTSD, fears and phobias, fertility issues, empowerment after bullying, addiction, relationship and karmic patterns/ issues, weight loss, smoking cessation, and addiction.

Hypnotherapy is a process of accessing the subconscious mind. It involves guiding a client into the theta brain wave (a deeply relaxed state for mind and body). This brain is key to reprograming as it's where the subconscious was created and is adapted. Our subconscious mind is formed from everything we witness, experience, and interpret before the age of seven. Before seven, our minds mostly exist in the theta brain wave. With no conscious interference due to this developmental stage, we tend to accept what we interpret and what we are told as truth. We have an egocentric perspective at this age and are inclined to think that everything is caused by us, and because of this perception, many unhelpful beliefs are created, and these beliefs create our reality we live in. 


As we mature, our brain waves change and we are less suggestible and programable. Hypnosis is a natural brain wave function. We go into this brain wave upon sleep and waking. Subconscious programs are also formed when we experience a heightened emotional state of arousal (such as trauma) or when we repeat something many times over. The subconscious mind runs below conscious awareness, all our habits, beliefs, our emotional reactions, behaviours, and body functions are informed by the subconscious. Research suggests most people spend around 90 percent of the day being directed by their subconscious mind. We are basically run by programs. Once the subconscious mind begins to accept an idea, it begins to execute it.


For the average person studies show that 70 percent of these programs are negative or limiting, an example would be the subconscious mind keeping weight on because it perceives the person will be safer if they are less desirable. It can actually be detrimental to the person and out of alignment with what the client wants consciously. You can consciously want health, a good relationship, and abundance. But if your subconscious mind is programmed and operating against that, it will elude you.


One’s unconscious thoughts are just 'sub' below awareness, this means you may not be aware of these programs. Your life will show you what these programs are. Examine your life and you will see your core beliefs.


Hypnosis is a quick, effective bio-hack to enter the theta brain wave to find and correct any detrimental programs. It is highly efficient at creating new neural pathways in the brain and installing healthy belief systems that are in alignment with whom you are wanting to be (healthy, smart, thin, confident, habit free etc). Hypnosis is very safe when done by an experienced professional who has undergone a clinical diploma and has extensive experience like myself. My clients continue to report remarkable healings and life-changing occurrences because of this profound work. 

Hypnotherapy Session

90 minute Initial Session


60 minute Follow Up Sessions


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To book your session with me, complete and submit the form below and I will be in contact within 48hrs.

Upon booking a session with me you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:


  • All sessions are to be paid for in full within an hour of making the booking. 

  • All cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.

  • Another appointment will be rescheduled or another course placement will be offered, but no refunds will be issued. 

  • Missed appointments will not be refunded. Please take note and record the date and time as there will be no reminders.


I am not a medical doctor, therefore legally I do not diagnose or treat. I will share guidance and observations. My services are never to be substituted for seeking professional medical, legal or financial consultation.

All clients take full responsibility for all decisions and actions made as a result of services provided.

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