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Past Life or Inter Life Regression

We are the living library, everything you have ever been or done here on earth or elsewhere lives within you. Could this be why all the past Masters, from Jesus to Buddha say "Go within.”? Nothing is ever lost, no matter how corrupted history has become, no matter how many scrolls are hidden, no matter how many ancient libraries and sacred art burnt, no matter how many wise men silenced, no matter how many healing women removed, no matter how many indigenous people eradicated. The mysteries and teachings will never be lost, as the memories live in us, as they are us.


As Oprah says everyone has a story! What is your story? It is fascinating for me to facilitate people open up to the multifaceted, multidimensional, complex and beautiful eternal beings they are. It is one thing to learn something because someone wrote about it, it is quite another to experience it and to remember it for yourself. Past life, interlife regression and higher-self connecting work is a powerful tool for accessing your own inner truth and deeper self-knowledge.

After training in and experiencing many past life, interlife and higher self-connections personally, I noticed how spontaneously and organically I would have visions and past life recall when meeting “new” friends or when remembering times, lands, and cultures now long forgotten by most. Like any neural pathway, once it has been activated a few times, it is strengthened. When one experiences certain states of consciousness these pathways, I feel, become mapped in our brain and make it easier for us to then access.


If you are looking to experience the mystical, then a past life, interlife regression and higher self-work is an expanding and amazing gateway to your divinity. I absolutely love facilitating these sessions.   


A past life regression is achieved by using a deeply altered state and inducing the brain waves theta and gamma. It is sort out by clients who are looking to resolve patterns they sense have been with them for a long time, that are still playing out in their current life. Karmic relationships, fears, phobias, limited beliefs, and disruptive emotional and physical conditions can all commonly find their root cause in past lifetimes as these patterns come with us and reoccur in this lifetime until resolved. How I see it, when we are a fetus, we bring into this world our soul that holds all of who we have ever been, this field unites with the physical form created from our mother and father at conception. This fetus is made up of our ancestor’s genetic information and merges with our soul information. This mixed energy blueprint informs our physical body and manifests to develop us into the unique individual we all are. The bioenergetic field contains all this information. One’s blueprint can contain unresolved issues from past lifetimes that may be activated during this lifetime to resolve and learn the lessons missed before so working with it at the point of origin integrates the experience and clears it from the energy body.

Past Life of Inter Life Regression

2 hour session


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Upon booking a session with me you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:


  • All sessions are to be paid for in full within an hour of making the booking. 

  • All cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.

  • Another appointment will be rescheduled or another course placement will be offered, but no refunds will be issued. 

  • Missed appointments will not be refunded. Please take note and record the date and time as there will be no reminders.


I am not a medical doctor, therefore legally I do not diagnose or treat. I will share guidance and observations. My services are never to be substituted for seeking professional medical, legal or financial consultation.

All clients take full responsibility for all decisions and actions made as a result of services provided.

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