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Upcoming Workshops

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Where: Nambour Community Centre

2 Shearer Street, Nambour 4560

When: Saturday, September 30th and Sunday, October 1st

Time: 9am - 4.30pm both days


Where: Southport Community Centre

6 Lawson Street, Southport 4215

When: Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th

Time: 9am - 4pm both days


Mastering Medical Intuition - Level 1
A two day workshop

Medical Intuitive Jade Osera, teaching and sharing the Tina Zion method. 


This course is a combination of world-renowned and bestselling author Tina Zion's books and courses on how to be a medical intuitive.

When I first did this course around 7 years ago in New Zealand, it expanded and opened my intuitive abilities and ways of perceiving enormously. I feel passionate about offering these teachings as I know when applied they can do the same for you.


This course offers an amazing opportunity to practice and develop these somewhat latent, but innate abilities we all have in a safe, nonjudgmental playful space. The course includes important fundamental teachings to keep you protected, clear, and grounded when working with other people.

This course is for lay people, medical practitioners, energy healers, practicing intuitive, mediums, and anyone who wants to develop their intuitive abilities and explore their unlimited potential.


Certificate of Completion received upon completion of both days of the workshop.

This is an experiential program without any performance anxiety.  It includes relaxed presentations with a big emphasis on experiencing, sharing, and practicing. If you are looking for an online option here is the link to Tina's online workshops:

All Courses - Tina M. Zion (

Please have your Tina Zion books 'How to be a Medical Intuitive' and 'How to be an Advanced Medical Intuitive' with you when you attend if possible. Reading them is encouraged but if time doesn’t allow please know the course material is informed by the books, so we will be covering the content in class.

Buy Tina's books at the below link or via your favourite online book store (digital versions also available):

Books - Tina M. Zion (

Here is a brief description of the topics covered over the 2 days together, and what will be learned and explored:

DAY 1:

  • Refine your ability to recognise and receive intuitive information

  • Remove any blocks or fears

  • Introduction to a powerful protection protocol that works and is not fear-based

  • Connecting to and working with divine specialty medical intuition guides

  • Using precise communication with your guides

  • Understanding the human energy field and main centres

  • A remote viewing exercises

  • How to do an energy scan on another person

  • Step-by-step guidance to access intuitive information

  • Colours and their meanings

  • Basic anatomy made easy

  • The metaphysical correlation between conditions and anatomy

DAY 2:

  • How to do a body scan, going beyond the skin with Xray vision

  • Many practice sessions to build confidence and accuracy

  • Confidentiality, responsibilities, duty of care and ethical practices as a professional

  • Using medical intuition as a healing technique

  • Practice Techniques to enhance and excel your intuition

  • How to use colour in healing

  • Distant healing and reading a photo

  • Defining healing and the three primary steps

  • 8 Causes of illness and healing steps for each cause

  • Mediumship and the non-physical realms

  • How to structure your one-hour session with clients

  • For those wishing to, they are invited to select a partner to continue to practice with weekly after the course

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