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Introduction - Jade Osera

Medical Intuitive + Hypnotherapist

I have been working with clients to release and integrate trauma and offering a sacred container for them to reconnect back to their wholeness for well over a decade. I am a person of high integrity, who practices a client-centred, holistic and intuitive approach. I am professional, empathetic and down-to-earth. 

Medical Intuitive Jade Osera
My Philosophy

Everything that manifests in the physical realm is informed by energy. When there are blockages in our bioenergetic field (caused by trapped emotions, stress, toxins, repressed memories, unresolved patterns ect) this energy manifest in the physical as what we call a symptom. A symptom is your bodies communication system to say something needs your attention.  When we clear the blockage the energy flows, cellular communication in the body can be restored and the bodies innate intelligence knows how to heal its self. Miracles are just science we have yet to understand.


Medical Intuition Reading & Healing

For discovering and resolving the root cause of reoccurring patterns, inherited conditions, health issues, physical symptoms  or emotional issues. 


Hypnotherapy Session

For stress relief, pain relief, addiction, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, manifesting the life you want, spiritual expansion, resolving trauma and so much more.


Past Life or Inter Life Regression

For clearing unresolved karma and knowing thy self. 


Reiki Healing & Clearing

For grief and loss, stress, reoccurring detrimental patterns, imbalances, trauma, pain relief, surgery recovery, plus so much more.

Therapy Sessions
Forest Sunrays


Environment & House Clearing

For clearing detrimental energies from you business, home or environment. Bringing in frequencies of balanced, vitality and harmony.

Wild Nature

"Your Nervous System is the greatest pharmacist in the world."

Dr Dispenza

Upcoming Workshops

Along with private sessions, I also teach Tina Zion's method of Medical Intuition Australia wide.

Jade is like no one I have ever met before.  She has the ability to see ‘you’ on all levels: energetically, emotionally, spiritually & physically. This talent makes her the best ‘healer’ I’ve ever encountered and I know she’s supported me in shifting a lot of trauma, limiting beliefs & instilling self worth & belief into me. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to let go of the past, heal & live their best life now.

Lisa - Gold Coast

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